Aerial photos of Seattle’s Safeco Field

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Aerial photos of Seattle’s Safeco Field

In honor of Opening Day 2014, thought I’d share these aerial photography views, shot last summer, of Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners.  Go M’s!  

On Providing Free Photos

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On Providing Free Photos

Twice in the past two weeks, I’ve had the chance to discuss donating photos that I’ve already taken (stock photos) to causes or companies who’ve asked, and both times I’ve come up with the same answer but for different reasons.  Let me preface my explanation by saying that I have donated photography in the past […]

Aerial Photography Should Be More Than Just Getting High (Up)

My first experience with helicopter aerial photography was as an assistant working in Washington, DC in the late-1990’s.  Back then, I worked regularly for a great editorial and location photographer named Bill Geiger whom I consider my most influential mentor.  We were on location in Jamestown, VA shooting new archeological digs at James Fort for […]

Powerful Personal Work

This powerful piece of video is the personal work of New England-based photographer Trent Bell,  I won’t say too much about because I don’t want to spoil the impact, but I urge you to spend the nine minutes it takes to watch.  This is what personal work as a photographer has the capability of doing.  […]

Common questions about hiring a professional architectural photographer

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While going through the process of designing and creating content for the new website for Subtle Light Photography, I tried to answer some basic questions about what visitors who came to the site considering paying for hotel, landscape design, or architectural photography would want to know.  To help answer some of their more common questions, […]

Welcome to the new website and blog!

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Welcome to the new website and blog!

Thanks for stopping by.  If you’re here, you probably know that I run Subtle Light Photography, a full-service aerial, landscape design, hotel/resort, and architectural photography business based in Seattle, WA.  After living for years with a great custom-built site designed back in 2008, I decided it was time for a refresh.  Unfortunately, my former designer had […]