Cinemagraphs for Marketing

Cinemagraphs are still images with small, subtle motion first created by photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck.  They’re a popular way of combining stills and video in to a single frame.  More than an animated GIF, cinemagraphs start with a short video file, then cover it with a still frame, and finish by masking off select areas of the still image to allow the motion behind to show through.

I’ve started working with cinemagraphs as a way to offer marketers a contemporary, eye-catching marketing piece to engage media-savvy viewers and am looking forward to putting them to use marketing architecture, construction, and engineering firms, as well as hotels, resorts, and hospitality projects.

This winter-themed cinemagraph was created at The Freestone Inn in Mazama, WA.  [click to play if your browser doesn’t auto-play]


Traffic never stops moving in NYC!  [click to play if your browser doesn’t auto-play]


[Update April, 2017]:  Please see this more recent blog post for an example of combining cinemagraphs with timelapse video to create a short video specific to showcasing architecture.

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