Guest Appearance on the Copyright Alliance Blog

Guest Appearance on the Copyright Alliance Blog

For anyone associated with photography or who earns a living by creating, and who’s not already familiar with the Copyright Alliance, you should be.  From their website:

The Copyright Alliance is the unified voice of the copyright community, representing the interests of thousands of individuals and organizations across the spectrum of copyright disciplines.

The Copyright Alliance represents the interests of authors, photographers, performers, artists, software developers, musicians, journalists, directors, songwriters, game designers and many other individual creators. The Copyright Alliance also represents the interests of book publishers, motion picture studios, software companies, music publishers, sound recording companies, sports leagues, broadcasters, guilds, unions, newspaper and magazine publishers, and many more organizations.

The Copyright Alliance is dedicated to advocating policies that promote and preserve the value of copyright, and to protecting the rights of creators and innovators.

Seattle Interior and Architectural Photographer, Andrew Buchanan

Corporate office interior in Seattle for IA:Interior Architects

I’m proud that an interview I gave with them is currently appearing on their blog here.

If you’d like more information on copyright law, how the process works, how to register your works, how to enforce your rights, important past copyright legal decisions, finding a copyright lawyer, or most any other facet of copyright, try their Education, Resources, or Copyright Law pages.  This organization is doing great work on behalf of all of us who rely on this very important aspect of the law which allows us to earn our livings.  Thanks.

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