Happy Holidays, 2014

Happy Holidays, 2014

When I was first starting in photography, I worked in black in white in a makeshift darkroom set up in one of the only two bathrooms in my parents’ house in California.  Even in photography school in the 1990’s, I spent endless hours in a wet darkroom working with both color and black & white materials.

I still enjoy both the aesthetic of black & white images, and also the control and the attention to details that are the hallmark of darkroom printing.  The only change to now is the equipment we use to achieve the results — and the precise control we have to create, and re-create.

I chose this image for my holiday greetings this year, and spent some time converting it to B&W, playing with the tones, and then adding the small spot of color back in.  See more personal favorites on the Personal Work Gallery of my website.  Thanks for having a look, and Happy Holidays!


Seattle architecural photographer Andrew Buchanan

Winter Barn & Snow, colorized black and white; Mazama, WA
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