How Many Construction Cranes Are In Seattle?

How Many Construction Cranes Are In Seattle?

There’s been a lot made recently about Seattle being the construction crane capitol of the US, including this July, ’17 story in the Seattle Times.  So when I was shooting aerial photos of Seattle’s fast-changing South Lake Union neighborhood earlier this summer, I wasn’t too surprised at how many I could see from just that one limited spot.



Construction cranes abound in Seattle’s South Lake Union (SLU) neighborhood – click to enlarge.


Then I thought it’d be fun to try to count them all.  Give it a try and see how many you get!  I’ll admit I needed to take advantage of zooming in on the higher resolution photo on my large monitor in order to get them all.  Once you’ve given it a shot, scroll way down to the bottom of this post for a marked-up version and see how close you got.  Have fun!






























The final number of construction cranes in this aerial photo of Seattle is . . .? 22!! – click to enlarge

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