Videos of Architecture

Videos of Architecture

Using video to showcase objects that don’t move, like architecture, has always been a bit tricky.


But techniques like timelapse, and new formats like cinemagraphs, can help add life and motion to otherwise static (or else very slow-moving), subjects.


This short video is a combination of a timelapse video and a cinemagraph.  To show the sunlight and shadow moving across the face of the building, I started by shooting one frame roughly every minute for about an hour, then compressed them in to a continuous video lasting just a couple of seconds.  Then, because the walkers on the sidewalk and the cars passing on the street would’ve distracted from the main purpose of showing the light and shadow, I created a cinemagraph, or “living photo” from the video file, and confined the motion to a specific portion of the image.  Finally, I looped the short video to allow the changes to continually play across the screen.

I enjoy experimenting with sound, motion, and videos to help capture the experience of creating and enjoying spaces that don’t move much.  It’s an ongoing challenge to get this right and I look forward to exploring it further with my clients and partners. Please inquire if you’re interested in knowing more about a video or multimedia project for your firm. Thanks for having a look.

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