For the past twenty years, I've counted myself incredibly fortunate to earn my living by following my passion.  Not many people get to say that.  Back in 1995, I left a first career I enjoyed to pursue that passion, returned to school, and began photographing professionally soon thereafter.  After shooting a variety of portraiture, travel stories, corporate collateral, and annual reports, first in Washington D.C.  and then here in Seattle, I re-discovered a love of buildings, architecture, and planned spaces.  It seemed that every trip I took, every job I loved most, every image I found most compelling, nearly always involved interesting physical structures, the light that permeates them, and the spaces that surround them (see some samples of recent personal favorites on the Gallery page).  Since that realization, I’ve specialized in architectural photography, helicopter aerial photos, and landscape design photography of built environments: Photographing the Spaces Where We Live, Work, and Play®.

At first using only still images, but now also working with video and sound, I collaborate with design and marketing professionals to create the visuals they need to promote their talents and projects.  Whether we're marketing the creativity of an architect or land designer, advertising the final property and accompanying lifestyle for a developer, or featuring the space in an editorial spread, my greatest satisfaction comes from successfully showcasing the finished vision that architects, designers, and developers have imagined and executed over months or years.

Here in the Pacific Northwest since 1998, I'm fortunate now to live in a part of the world that allows for creative, outdoor image-making just about any time of year.  Although I was born in California, I've lived away from warm-weather places for so long that my blood's gotten a little thicker and so I appreciate the cooler, blue-sky summers here in Seattle.  Besides, this is a great place for gardening and cooking, camping in the summer, hunkering down with a book and a fire in the winter, and playing soccer year-round which I'll continue to do as long as my knees and ankles will let me.  And for the past eight or so years, I've been excited and really grateful for the help of my wife, Nancy, who's taken over most of the stock image side of things.  If you're in touch about existing images, chances are she's the one who'll be doing the research and sending you samples.

So thanks for your interest in Subtle Light Photography.  If you still have questions, please get in touch or read my answers to some common questions about professional architectural photography on the Work With Us page.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you about your next photo project and if you're here in Seattle, let's meet up for a cup of coffee - I hear we have a few places scattered around. 

~ Andrew
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