Can I afford professional photography?

Throughout my career, I have worked with clients ranging from small, one-person design shops and local, free magazines to some of the largest architecture, design firms, and magazine titles in the country. Each has its pleasures and its challenges. Most importantly, I recognize that budgets are budgets and am happy to work with you to figure out what I can offer that fits within your price range.

But that being said, don't underestimate the value to your business and your career of a beautiful website, cutting edge design software, inspiring continuing education . . .  or showcase-quality architectural photography. Each is an investment worth making. If your competitors are using great quality photography to feature their work, then can you afford NOT to use it to feature yours? Need more convincing? Please see this article and blog post, "12 Reasons to Invest in Professional Architectural Photography" that I wrote several years ago.

To help make photography as affordable as possible, I work with a variable project model that accounts for the size, complexity, and requirements of each specific job. I also offer several ways to lower your costs including sharing images among multiple firms, booking projects during slower times of the year, and bundling photography locations to help you achieve a specific goal like a website refresh or an upcoming marketing campaign. And, you will always get a written estimate from me before we begin that lays out all the details of the job, what you'll receive at the end, and a very close approximation of the final bill within a few dollars.

But the meat-and-potatoes of the answer is that using existing architectural images from a project I've already photographed, and that you may have worked on, can start as low as a few hundred dollars. Using existing images one time in an editorial story begins at under a hundred bucks, depending on size and circulation. And new photography that includes a variety of images of your project typically begins around $1000 and goes from there depending on the size and type of project, the number of visits that are required, and the complexity of the shots involved.

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Do I have time for this?

As part of my process of photography, I'll spend some time asking you questions about the project, what makes it typical of your work or what makes it special, unique, or challenging. If we can do so while walking the site, so much the better, but it's certainly not required. I'll hope to hear a bit of the narrative of the project from your perspective so that I may help illustrate it for your prospective clients or readers. I'll also need you to secure permissions from the homeowner, building owner, tenants, or whoever controls access.

After that, you may be as involved or absent as you wish. I am very used to handling all the responsibilities of making contact, coordinating schedules, scouting the site, consulting with you to create a shot list, suggesting maintenance items, shooting the project, processing the digital files, and delivering your images -- all with only a few emails along the way to keep you updated on progress. But if you prefer to participate more fully, then I enjoy creative collaboration as well and have had clients stay throughout the entire shoot.

Bottom line is that after your initial input, your level of continued involvement is up to you.

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What's the process? How does this work?

Give me a call, 206-715-3641, and we'll start by discussing the details of your project. I should be able to give you a written estimate with just a little info over the phone. Once you sign the contract we'll arrange a scouting visit, together if possible but I'm happy to do that solo. We'll talk about possible views and various angles to best show off the finished job, and we'll come up with a shot list so we both know what we're prioritizing.

Once the contract's signed and the shot list agreed on, we'll need to schedule access with the home or business owner, tenants, and anyone else involved. I'll work with them directly, line up their preferred days with my own schedule and also the weather as necessary, and settle on a day. As that day approaches, I'll keep both you and your client / the owner apprised of any changes due to weather. Sometimes this is simple, other times it's a bit more complicated but don't worry, this is part of my job.

After the photography's done, I'll edit the full set down to a manageable number and send you a link to a private web gallery, usually within 3-5 business days. From the gallery, you'll make your choices based on the number of final, retouched images we've agreed to in the contract. All of your final image files include individual color-corrections and cleaning up at 1:1 magnification. Major retouching, such as changing the reality of the site or the location like sky replacements, wire removal, etc., can sure be accomplished but we'll have to talk about an added fee.

When your final images are finished and ready, usually within five business days of you making your choices, I'll deliver them to you via a download link and I'll send your invoice along too, which'll be due within 30 days.

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So who is this guy, who's he worked for?

You'll find details about me on the Who We Are page but briefly, photography has been my full-time career for twenty two years (read more about that on my blog here). I'm incredibly lucky to earn my living doing what I love and I try to approach every day and every year by remembering that simple fact.

During that time, I've worked for over 300 clients, and more than 200 in the architecture, construction, engineering, and design fields since I began specializing in architectural photography in 2000. My clients have ranged from one-person shops and local editorial outlets, to some of the largest architecture and land design firms in the Northwest and the biggest magazine titles in the country. Images of mine have helped clients win awards that include an AIA Design Award, three ASLA National Design Awards, three Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP) awards, recognition in AIA-Seattle's FutureShack competition, and an annual Readers' Choice "10 Most Popular" selection on But most importantly, I'm grateful that over half of my clients every year are returning firms, or firms to whom I've been recommended by past clients.

I also currently serve as Vice-Chair of APA Northwest, the Seattle chapter of a national photographers' trade organization, and I volunteer time on the National Board of APA as well. When I can, I enjoy teaching both the craft and the business of photography to students, professional groups, and trade associations.

Please see a more complete client list and read how people feel about working with me on my Clients & Testimonials page. Meanwhile, I'd be very pleased to hear from you with questions, project ideas, or just to say hello - my contact info is here. Thanks.

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